SONU Chair Babu Owino: IEBC messed me up


Student Organisation of Nairobi University (SONU) Chairman Babu Owino was present at CORD’s anti-IEBC protests held at Uhuru Park in Nairobi Monday, June 6.

Characteristically, his presence at the demos attracted attention.

Babu explains why he graced the event, and divulges his political inclination.

EDAILY: Why did you grace CORD’s anti-IEBC demos at Uhuru Park; is it because of your inclination to CORD, or were you representing students?

OWINO: Students are also members of the public, and being a student leader means I should get concerned with matters of national interest; directly or indirectly because students too are voters – they are above 18.

The decision made by IEBC affects their lives directly. Even when the students are not qualified to be voters, the decision made by IEBC affects them – it affects their parents and relatives.


OWINO: As you know, I will be running for a parliamentary seat in Embakasi East Constituency in August 2017. And as things are, it is the current IEBC that will supervise the elections. That means I will have to pass through their hands. I have no faith in the Issack Hassan-led commission. When I vied for Westlands MP in the 2013 General Election, they messed me up. My opinion is the commissioners must just go.

EDAILY: So, according to you, you did not lose fair and square to Timothy Wanyonyi?

OWINO: I did not lose. You can get the facts on the ground.

EDAILY: Is your inclination to CORD influenced by your personal relationship with Opposition leader, Raila Odinga?

OWINO: Not really. My support for CORD is shaped by the party’s ideology – their principles and how they carry out their issues. I am joining the coalition as a ‘principal’. Being a student leader representing 3.8 million students in the whole nation, means that I am coming in with something.

I also intend to organise my own demonstrations against IEBC. The protests would comprise youth and women.

EDAILY: Most of the time you are seen at social scenes – at what time do you attend law lessons at the UoN?

OWINO: My classes are in the evening from 5:30PM to 8:30PM. Anyway, my education is my business.


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