Sonko’s communications director explains wad of cash he carried to JKL interview


Nairobi County communications director Jacob Elkana says Governor Mike Sonko carried to Citizen Television studio money meant to offset patients’ medical bills at Pumwani Hospital.

Jacob has refuted online claims that the county chief “knowingly” flossed the money, believed to be on the north of Ksh100, 000.

Sonko was the guest on Citizen TV’s Jeff Koinange Live on Wednesday, January 23.

“It is not a crime for any Kenyan to walk around with money in his pocket so long as the currency is legal, not defaced and was not suspiciously acquired,” Jacob told EDAILY on phone

“The governor, as you all know, likes to make impromptu visits to public facilities at night. The money you saw stashed in his coat pocket was meant to settle medical bills for patients at the Pumwani Maternity Hospital. In his Wednesday night schedule, he was to visit Pumwani Hospital after leaving Citizen TV studio,” said Jacob, adding: “However, I cannot reveal the amount of money he had in his pocket that night.”

EDAILY understands that Sonko distributed a significant chunk of the money he had to boda boda operators, who had camped outside Citizen TV premises, when they learnt that he was a guest at the broadcasting station that night.

When the governor was leaving the communications centre, the boda boda riders forced him to roll down the car windows and address them.

The governor alighted from his car, greeted them and shared one or two words with them before handing over a bundle of Ksh100, 000 notes to one of them so that he [rider] could share with his colleagues.

There was temporary chaos as the riders disagreed on how they would share the money.

Sonko, thereafter, got into his car and left.

In the JKL interview, Sonko contradicted Jacob’s earlier claims that he [Sonko] carried a power bank – and not a gun – to Dusit Hotel in Nairobi on January 16 after a terror attack that killed 21.

The governor also lifted the lid on his bhang-smoking past.

Sonko, however, revealed that he has since stopped smoking marijuana, popularly known as weed among the youth.

Sonko alleged that during his time as Makadara MP he and his then-Parliamentary colleague [name withheld] would engage in bhang-smoking spree in the toilets in Kenya’s National Assembly.

“…We threw a lot of stones when we were MPs; smoked a lot of weed; we would hide them in our socks and then go smoke [the bhang] in the [men’s] toilet,” he said, quickly adding the disclaimer: “But I don’t smoke [bhang] anymore.”

During the interview, Sonko addressed a wide array of issues pertaining to his leadership style and the state of development and order in the capital.

The governor said he would “continue blackmailing and firing ‘corrupt’ county staff members” so long as they fail to toe the line – as per his standards.

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