Sonko: This is why my marriage has been successful for 21 years

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko recently took to social media to advice men on how to have a successful marriage.

Sonko, taking to Instagram, shared a video of a woman gently speaking to her husband on the phone while requesting for money.

The unidentified Swahili woman, in the video, comes off as respectful towards her husband and constantly calls him “mpenzi wangu” (“my love”) and ends the call by wishing him success in the day’s endeavors.

The Nairobi county chief accompanied the video with a caption intimating that a man can only be treated in the same manner by their wives only if they (men) love and treat them (women) right.

“For your woman to give you this kind of treatment you must love her and give her the respect she deserves. Don’t love other women more than your wife, just balance the equation and you will never have domestic issues in your marriage as we say marriage is about perseverance, ” he said.

Sonko went ahead to note that his 21-year-old marriage to Nairobi First Lady Primrose Mbuvi has been successful thanks to such conversations, further urging couples to exercise humility and affection towards each other.

“This is the reason why my marriage with the 1st lady of Nairobi has been so successful for the last 21 years,” he wrote.

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