Sonko: I wasn’t drugged in Kibera, neither did my wife want to beat me up!


Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko has denied he was a victim of drugging over the weekend, as sections of entertainment outlets had earlier reported.

The chatter began when the gaudy legislator took to social media to sensationally claim that on Sunday he found it hard to convince his wife where he had spent his night at after he was drugged at a rally in Nairobi’s Kibera.

He wrote in part: “Think of your family today and every day thereafter, don’t let the busy world of today keep you from showing how much you love and appreciate your family. Let’s end domestic violence in Nairobi. When you wrong your wife just learn to ask for forgiveness and learn to say sorry.”

Sonko added: “I went on a campaign trail yesterday (Saturday) at Kibera without my bodyguards and got drugged. I arrived at home in the morning and my wife almost caused a scuffle but I took her for an outing, just the two of us, and said sorry,” Sonko wrote, accompanying the post with photos showing him and his wife spending quality time together.

The post as expectedly was picked up by entertainment outlets and blogs that splashed that the senator was “drugged and almost beaten up by his angry wife, Primrose.”

Well, Sonko has flown off the handle, denying he was on the receiving end of his wife’s wrath.

“I have the right of interacting with my over 890,000 fans on my official page. I did not hold any rally in Kibera. I took my children to Mombasa on Friday. I was just giving an example of how couples can accommodate each other in marriages, and how people should forgive their partners when they fall out. If you are wrong, tell him or her: ‘I am sorry, love’.”

“Never allow your relationship of many years to go down the drain, especially for those partners who have children together. This [name of outlet withheld], if you don’t know how to inform, you’ll be informed.”







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