Sonko disowns photoshopped ‘intimacy’ image with Passaris


A poorly photo-shopped picture of Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko, in bed with city woman representative, Esther Passaris, has attracted the MP’s wrath, whereas the governor took to social media to say: “No, that man is not me”.

In the photo-shopped picture, the two leaders, dressed in white, are seen cuddling in bed while looking at a supposed camera.

Enraged by the photo, Esther Passaris took to Twitter Tuesday to pledge a Ksh10, 000 reward to anyone “who can identify the three original photos used in this lame photo mash-up”.

“[He, Sonko, has morphed into a] a digital artist from a recording artist,” said Passaris.

Feeling targeted, the Nairobi governor took to Instagram to claim he doesn’t hug from behind, and, therefore, there was no way the man in the picture was him.

“I can see some idleness by some hired people here. This is photoshop. I do not hug from behind,” said Sonko, attaching the photoshopped image of him and Passaris.

A Kenyan on Twitter, @Kihenjah_, managed to retrieve the original pictures, showing a happy black couple in bed.

Kihenjah, thereafter, asked Passaris to honour her pledge of Ksh10, 000 token.

Sonko and Passaris have, of late, been embroiled in what appears to be personal feud following a soured relationship between them.

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