Sonko did not carry a gun to Dusit, but power bank, his communications director says


Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko did not carry a gun in the pocket of his beige half jacket to the dusitD2 Hotel on Wednesday morning, his communications director Elkana Jacob says.

Speaking to EDAILY on Wednesday evening, Mr Jacob said the object that resembles a gun, which was placed in the pocket of Mr Sonko’s jacket, was a power bank!

“Have you ever seen a pistol?” he asked this writer.

“That object in the governor’s pocket wasn’t a pistol. You would easily know that if you have knowledge of how a pistol looks like. That object was a power bank,” said Mr Jacob.

“If anything, the power bank belonged to me, and given I did not have an extra space to carry it in the bag or my pockets, I placed it in the governor’s jacket. I acquired the power bank while on tour in the United States some time back. So, I would confidently confirm to you that Mr Sonko was not brandishing a gun at dusitD2 Hotel,” said Mr Jacob.

Curiously, when one zooms in on the photo, specifically near the Nairobi governor’s right bottom pocket, you can clearly outline what seems to be the butt of a handgun. Whether the item in his pocket was a real one, a toy or a unique design for new-age powerbanks, EDAILY cannot independently verify.

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