Sonko carries loads of cash to KNH to clear patients’ bills, online user questions his motive


Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko on Wednesday, June 1 celebrated Madaraka Day at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) where he visited the sick and cleared their outstanding medical bills.

The flashy senator says he will conclude the exercise on Friday, June 3.

“As I talked to patients in various wards, some patients approached me and shared with me their predicament at KNH. I was shocked that a big number of patients at the hospital had been discharged; some even two months ago but have been detained by KNH due to non-payment of medical bills,” Sonko said.

“I therefore dedicated today (June 1) to assisting individuals and families at the ward that houses patients with burns from various sources of fire such as electricity, stoves, gas etc,” the senator said.”

“I managed to pay medical bills to all the patients who had suffered from severe burns but had been discharged but were detained over non-payment of bills.”

“I however challenge fellow Kenyans to register with the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) so as to ensure problems of payment of medical bills become a thing of the past. I further challenge political leaders to lobby and encourage our brothers and sisters to register with NHIF,” concluded Sonko.

Generosity in front of the cameras

Sonko’s gesture has been applauded by many – however, there’s an online user who recently questioned Sonko’s public display of generosity.

Ben Alex Aloo took to social media to enquire from the senator the motive behind cameras capturing his heroics.

“Mheshimiwa there are claims that you only appear to help when there are cameras around. What you say?”

Mike Sonko, right away replied: “Ben this is the digital era, nowadays, when incidents occur the first thing people do is record and share using their mobile phones. Those who claim otherwise just prove to us that they are still stuck in the past and lack new ideas.”

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