Social media users react to man’s undying love for his wife despite losing Uterus

Despite losing her uterus, Gertrude Nekesa’s husband Patrick Musila avowed to fully support and stand with her PHOTO/EDAILY

Patrick Musila, from Ol Donyo Sabuk in Machakos County Friday recounted his journey after doctors told his wife that she could not carry a pregnancy henceforth.

Ms Musila’s womb was removed in 2014 after she was diagnosed with fibroids- muscular tumors that grow in the wall of the Uterus.

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Musila, married for twelve years with no child, opened up on his undying love for his wife despite loosing her womb after surgery and later undergoing facial adjustments.

His indifferent perspective of love in a society mostly lost in morass of domestic violence and unfaithfulness among couples especially within marriage institutions, solicited social media reactions as his move is termed out of this generation.

Mergery Wachira: This what I designate as true love. 99.9% of people are clinging to what I refer to ‘counterfeited love’.

Elijah Mutua Kirima: Be good to your partner when all is well and mostly they will be there for you when things go south. Bravo Patrick.

Angeline Monica: Good Patrick for loving your partner even if she has lose her uterus.

Joseph Kiilu: A man in a million

Hon Getange Junior: You are a great man Musila, God bless you brother not many people would do that.

Carol Wanjiku Mwai: If this is really true, I cannot deny that such men still exist in this world. May God reward Patrick and his lovely wife with great things that they will never expect. He is a promising living God.

Zebbratt Gallaphy: True love; let mama go through some counseling session to help her come to terms with her situation and assurance that you really love her and by so doing she will live happily. Some women are funny though, they may insinuate you are faking it and take their own lives.

Rose Ndanu Patrick you’ve just moved me….what doctor says is not what God says…..our God is a protocol breaker…he can change things….. men like u are only found in Europe not Africa…..African men treasure looks alot… blessed Patrick

Agnes Chizoba I pray God touches the heart of a plastic surgeon to reconstruct this lady’s face.This is true love amidst mountains of trials.You shall overcome. May the God of miracles remember this couple.
Cici Spencer Castolinas So touching…May our heavenly Father continue providing all ur needs,ur special inside & outside ur wife deserves betterand that’s why God brought u guys together….Quick recovery dear,God has great plans over ur lives.

Gicharu Godfrey I salute you Patrick for your outstanding grounds and more so being such a HERO to your wife. God who sees in secret will repay you openly. You’ve a big reward coming your way.
# whatGodhasputtogetherletnomanlayassunder.
Be blessed. Quick recovery to your wife. .

Miriti Nancy the story is painful bt encouraging.kudos musila for loving ur wife al thru may God bless you

Swit Julez Njeri Where can i get such a wonderful man, big up may God bless your marriage.

Ash Blue Chanto True love is like ghosts which everyone talks about and few have seen
May God bless their couple

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