Caroline Mwatha abhorred abortion – Husband


The husband of slain Dandora-based activist Caroline Mwatha has punched holes on a police report alleging that his wife died from a botched abortion.

Joshua Ochieng, who jetted back into Kenya from Dubai last Sunday (February 10), told EDAILY on Wednesday that he has never suspected his wife of straying.

According to him, his wife passionately abhorred abortion, and there was no way she could undergo the exercise.

“Why would she wait for five months to abort a baby? I really doubt the police report [claiming that she had an abortion]. I have known my wife for over a decade now – and I think I am certain of her character; I know what she can do, and what she can’t do. Abortion is the last thing she would procure,” Mr Ochieng told EDAILY.

“And, even if she was pregnant, it could as well be mine. Why? Because the last time I was in Kenya was in late August last year, and we got intimate. If you do your calculation, then the 5-plus months pregnancy that police are alleging could as well be mine. But, what I am sure is she wasn’t pregnant,” said the distressed middle-aged man.

Mr Ochieng says he spoke to his wife on the last day she was seen in Dandora.

“I spoke to her on Wednesday, February 6, the day she went missing. And, from our conversations, all was well – she wasn’t in any distress, whatsoever,” he said.

“I have never suspected my wife of cheating, not in our earlier stages of marriage; and not even recently,” said the logistician, who works with Dubai-based firm Al Shaya.

According to Caroline Mwatha’s father, Stanlaus Mbai, his daughter didn’t disclose to him that she was expectant as police allege.

“Most likely, police have fabricated the narrative. A 5-month pregnancy isn’t something you can hide. And, my daughter was very open with me. Had she been pregnant, she would have told me. Which kind of an abortion is conducted by deeply cutting the thighs, pricking the abdomen and stabbing the neck?” posed Mr Mbai.

Caroline Mwatha and Joshua Ochieng tied the knot in 2005, and are blessed with two children.

Ms Mwatha’s body was found dumped at City mortuary on Tuesday, with police claiming she succumbed to a botched abortion.

The authorities alleged that she got pregnant by her paramour, Alexander Gitau Gikonyo, who is based in Isiolo.

Detectives have thus far arrested six people in connection to the death of Ms Mwatha.

The Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti, in a statement issued Tuesday evening, said the suspects were arrested over Ms Mwatha’s alleged botched abortion and disposal of her body at a city morgue.

The six individuals arrested include Betty Akinyi Nyanya alias Betty Ramoya, Richard Ramoya Abudo (Betty’s son), Georgia Achieng Tabitha and Michael Onchiri alias Dr Mike.

Others are Alexander Gitau Gikonyo (lover) and Stephen Maina (an Uber driver), per DCI.

“The said-woman was lastly seen on February 6 by her relatives. DCI officers launched investigations and it was established that Caroline was in constant communication with one Alexander Gitau Gikonyo who is known to be working in Isiolo County,” read in part the statement.

Mr Kinoti said there was communication relating to an intended abortion of a five-month old pregnancy between Caroline and Alexander.

He said that it was further established that an unidentified doctor had demanded a fee of Ksh7, 000 and after negotiations the cost was reduced to Ksh6, 000 which was sent to the lady by Mr Gikonyo.

Thereafter, on February 6, the late went to a clinic known as New Njiru Community Centre within Dandora Phase 1 to procure an abortion.

“It is believed that an abortion procedure was procured by the owner of the clinic namely Betty Akinyi Nyanya and one purported “Dr” Michael Onchiri alias Dr Mike,” said Kinoti.

In his statement, Mr Kinoti said the investigators believe that Ms Mwatha died at the clinic before the body was transferred to Nairobi City Mortuary on February 7 at 4.42am.

Her postmortem will be conducted on Wednesday, February 13.


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