Single mother, daughters raped in night of horror, money stolen


Police are looking for three unidentified men, who robbed a middle-aged woman of Ksh21, 000 before raping her and her two teenage daughters at gun point in Mateka Village in Bumula Constituency, Bungoma County Sunday night.

According to the single parent, whose source of livelihood is cereal business at a local market, it is not the first time the robbers are breaking into her house and stealing from her. She claims men, who resemble her recent aggressors, broke into her house nine months ago.

“On Sunday night (November 10), three armed robbers broke into my house and found I was headed to my bedroom after taking a shower. They ordered my two daughters and I to lie down on the floor before tying our hands. They, thereafter, ordered me to take them to my bedroom, where they asked me to give them all the profit I’d made from selling cereals at the market that day,” narrated the distressed mother-of-two.

“During that scuffle, they brandished a pistol and pressed the muzzle against my breasts. I reached out for a Ksh1, 000 note and gave it to them. They got angry, and began threatening that they would beat me up.

“They, thereafter, placed the pistol muzzle on my head. It is then that I gave them Ksh20, 000. They, afterward, raped me repeatedly. When done with me, they went for my two daughters.”


“Armed burglars, who resemble the ones who robbed and raped me recently, had broken into my home in February, 2017, when they stole money from me. During the first attack, they did not rape me. They, instead, said: ‘You must always have money with you if you want your safety guaranteed.’ I would, thereafter, receive calls from unknown people,” said the single parent.

The woman says despite the brutal attack, she will not relocate from her Mateka Village home.

“I bought this piece of land with my own money; I built the house which my children and I are living in with my own money. I won’t relocate, never.”

One of the woman’s daughters, in her teens, narrated how the men turned on them after they were done with sexually assaulting their mother.

“We had just finished preparing supper, when we saw three men break into our house. They were armed with a pistol. They told us to lie down, we obeyed. They roughed up our mother, before taking her to her bedroom, where they ordered her to strip naked and raped her. They, thereafter, came for my sister, whom they also raped. When they were done with my sister, the robbers dragged me to a bed, where they raped me.

Mateka assistant chief Mildred Shikuku confirmed the incident, urging locals to work closely with police to ensure that a repeat of the incident is not witnessed.

Ms Shikuku further urged residents, who have information that could help lead to the arrest of the suspects, to report to a nearby police post.


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