Singer wants to join Illuminati to dethrone Chameleone, Eddy Kenzo

An upcoming Ugandan singer has claimed he wants to join Illuminati to dethrone Uganda’s music and showbiz king Jose Chameleone and BET award-winner Eddy Kenzo.

The 20-year-old singer, who spoke to Citizen Digital, lamented he has been in the music industry since he was 14 but has never gotten the breakthrough to make it big on a national platform.

“I started singing when I was 14; put a lot of energy, but nothing seems to pay off!” he retorted.

The singer who identified himself as Agolodei added: “In however much I sing nice songs, and know how to write good music, I still need that extra force to sustain me.”

Agolodei said what motivates him to make true his decision is the desire to outshine and eventually dethrone Jose Chameleone from the helm of Ugandan music.

“I don’t want to be like Dr Jose Chameleone or Eddy Kenzo; I want to be bigger than all Ugandan artistes; I feel like relying solely on hardwork won’t pay off – I have to top my talent up with Illuminati forces,” he told.

Asked on whether he knows how the secret sect operates, the upcoming artiste divulged: “I don’t know much about Illuminati. Although I have heard of its powers from people; I feel it can make me more successful.”

Agolodei says he is a Christian, and often goes to church but is ready to let go of his inherent religion.

“I am a Christian who goes to church regularly but I want to change and join the underground forces. I am very ready to do everything!”

But which songs does he sing?

“I have recorded many songs. The recent one is titled: “You Call Me” and before its release, there’s one which performed quite well called “Zaina”.

This is not the first time the upcoming musician has considered joining the cult. Last year, he tried to but failed.

“I have friends in South Africa who promised to link me up with Illuminati. I gave them some money to help me out but they ended up disappearing with the money. All through they had boasted to me how they make huge sums of money from the occult group,” he disclosed.

Agolodei says he fears telling his family about his plans.

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