Singer Vivian’s past financial problems that only few people knew about

Kenyan singer Vivian Wambui has revealed that two years ago she was extremely broke, despite her celebrity status. Vivian says she used to earn Ksh4, 000 a month from gigs, and after paying rent and other bills, she’d be left with only Ksh500 to survive on the entire month.

She took to social media to write: “I could not afford good clothing worth public appearances.”

The My Dream hit-maker said at one point she was turned away for dressing poorly to a concert she was to headline. The singer says, she’d go foodless for days, but DK Kwenye Beat would invite her for dinner or lunch with his family.

She wrote: “My songs were playing everywhere but deep inside, I was in agony. My room had no seats, I sat on the floor. Today, I thank God for everything I have.”


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