Singer Queen Darleen: Ali Kiba is not my husband!

Tanzanian songstress Queen Darleen has refuted claims that she, in the past, dated her singing compatriot Ali Kiba.

Darleen says people have often linked her romantically to male artistes that she works closely with, even if such relationships are non-existent.

“Ali Kiba is not my husband and he has never been. He was my close friend. So, people would see me in his company when we went on music tours, when we hung out at entertainment joints. At the time, the public did not know who my lover was. So, they ended up speculating that Ali Kiba was my partner,” Queen Darleen told EATV’s ENewz.

Queen Darleen said if it were true that she and Kiba were dating, then her child would have been sired by Kiba.

“At the time I was hanging out with Ali Kiba, I was already pregnant by another man. If Kiba was my boyfriend, then my child would have been his. I had my partner then, whose name is Hamisi Dakota. Those who were close to Kiba and me knew the nature of our relationship. Some time back people linked me romantically with singer Dully Sykes, who is my brother.

“When Diamond was new in the music industry and I was helping him put up a strong foundation, people said I was dating him. I am used to people speculating,” said Queen Darleen.

Queen Darleen, who is currently signed under Diamond Platnumz’s label WCB, and Ali Kiba worked together on a song Wajua, which topped the charts on radio stations across East Africa early 2000s.

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