Singer Nakaaya Sumari: I wish I hadn’t gained weight

Former Tusker Project Fame star Nakaaya Abraham Sumari has said she regrets growing fat – in however much she had prayed to gain weight when she was younger.

The Tanzanian RnB and Hip hop singer says she was ridiculed for being very skinny when she was pursuing her undergraduate education at the University of Nairobi.

She says the nicknames she was given provoked a desire in her to gain more weight – and now that she has grown “fat”, she wishes to revert to her earlier size.

“I remember how badly I wanted to grow fat. They made fun of me so much to the point they nicknamed me a giraffe because I was tall and super skinny. Now I realise you must be careful what you ask for… Now it’s the complete opposite. I want to lose weight. Grass is always greener? (I don’t think so),” Nakaaya wrote on Instagram.

Nakaaya, 33, was a featured star in the first season of Tusker Project Fame that aired from October 1 to December 17, 2006.  She lasted five weeks on the seven week program.

After the show, Nakaaya returned to Tanzania to record her first album. She has worked as a goodwill Ambassador for the East African Community.

Nakaaya signed a record contract with Sony BMG in 2009 after a tour in Denmark.



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