Singer embarrassed after ex-boyfriend dramatically reclaims Mercedes Benz he’d bought her; she was on road with current lover

Lulu Diva [Photo | Courtesy]

High-flying Tanzanian singer Lulu Diva suffered an embarrassment on Thursday night, when her ex-lover reclaimed a Mercedes Benz car he had bought her when they were deeply in love several months ago.

On Thursday night Lulu Diva and her current lover, singer Madee, were driving home from Rhapsody’s Restaurant in Dar es Salaam, when her ex-lover drove past them at Salenda area and blocked the road.

Shortly thereafter, Lulu Diva’s ex-partner got out of his car and demanded she gives him the Mercedes Benz car key. The spurned ex-lover said he was repossessing the car because he and Diva were no longer an item. The car was a gift the dejected man had bought Diva when they were dating.

“It was very embarrassing for Lulu Diva. The clothes she had worn made matters worse because she could not walk in them. After demanding the car key, Diva’s ex-lover told her: ‘This act serves you right. You can now continue your romantic relationship with Madee’,” a source, who witnessed the incident, said.

The spurned man, after reclaiming the car key, told his friend to drive the Mercedes Benz as he (friend) followed him.

Diva and her lover, Madee, called a taxi, which took them home.

Lulu Diva has confirmed that the embarrassing incident befell her.


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