Singer Diamond says baby Tiffah his ‘photocopy’, looking for second baby

Celebrated Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz, born Nasibu Abdul Juma, says his daughter with Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan, Princess Tiffah, is his ‘photocopy’ – meaning she resembles him in every aspect.

Speaking to Tanzania’s Dina Marious of EFM, Diamond said he is convinced that little Tiffah has his blood, and that those saying she isn’t his biological daughter are out to no good.

“If you didn’t sire a child, you’d easily know. Parents too have their own technique of telling if a child does not belong to their son.”

He added: “Our Swahili parents, I would say, are some sort of ‘experts’ in detecting foul play; and they’d be the first ones to tell you – ‘my son, honestly, this is not your ‘copy’.”

“If you happen to see Latti, you’d openly see ‘Platnumz’ in her,” he told.

Diamond also used the same platform to respond to Ivan Ssemwanga (Zari’s ex-husband) and King Lawrence (Ivan’s cousin) constant attack on him.

He said for a long time, the two have been out to spoil his reputation in order to have him react; but he vowed to continue keeping his calm.

He said since both Ivan and King claim to be heavily loaded; they should use their wealth to get them women so that they stop lamenting over Zari.

“Those who pride themselves in being filthy rich, why would you concern yourselves over a woman’s life after you fled from her?” questioned Platnumz.

“Engage yourselves in other activities. You have a lot of money at your disposal – if you can, use its influence (money) to get you other more attractive women, instead of provoking me to react. I don’t like it!”

Diamond further opened up about his plans of soon having another baby with Zari.

“I would really like to have two children. Zari too shares the same wish. She said ‘as soon as Lattifah grows older, we strive to get another and close the chapter’.”

The Ntampata Wapi hit-maker also divulged his wedding plans, revealing it could happen earlier than expected.

“I don’t see anything which will bar me from soon tying the knot with Zari.”

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