Singer Akothee lists self alongside Obama


Wealthy Kenyan singer Esther Akoth, alias Akothee, has listed herself alongside US President Barack Obama, Kenyan Opposition leader Raila Odinga and Hollywood sensation Lupita Nyong’o as “members of the Luo community who are taking the world by storm.”

Akothee made the list – in what appeared to be an on-stage self discovery – while performing at the Luo Festival that was held at Carnivore Grounds Saturday evening.

“There are only four members of the Luo community who have taken the world by storm. Can someone in the audience tell me who these four prominent persons are?” Akothee posed the question to a charged up gathering.

She then directed her microphone toward different audiences who seemingly had a clue of the response she expected.

Four members of the large assemblage mentioned the following names – Barack Obama, Raila Odinga, Lupita Nyong’o and Akothee.

An elated Akothee right away affirmed the response by saying: “Yes. Akothee, Obama, Odinga and Lupita have influence over a huge following in the world.”

Akothee put up an electric, marvelous performance – and even, at one point, called her father Jose Kokeyo to the stage to dance with him.

The Give It To Me hit-maker took the opportunity, in the course of her performance, to advise young women about financial independence.

“Have you told him that you’ve missed your menstrual period and he tells you: ‘Go find it?’ My dear, carry that pregnancy to full term; and show the whole world that you are capable. Never allow men to take advantage of you, and always work hard so that you make your money,” she said.



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