SIGAR: Customise it! Ways to make that gift look special to the receiver


More than often we find ourselves tied up on what to gift our loved ones, whether they are our parents, siblings, lovers, spouses or even friends.

It could be during birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, holidays or just wanting to surprise them on random days.

I have more than once found myself in such a situation, and yes I admit it’s not one the easiest things to decide on. These are people that we are close to and sometimes just knowing what they love is not enough to decide on what to gift them, especially if you want to get sentimental with the gift.

You have to know what they are passionate about in order to get it right. Whatever you decide to get them, my advice is: ‘customise’ it.

For instance, if the person loves art, it will be good to gift them a good random art piece because they might end up loving it.

However, it might be best to have their favourite picture on a frame. It could be of them or any other thing or person that they love or adore.

Have it customised to fit their liking, say, if it’s your parents, a picture of them on their first date on a frame could be best on their wedding anniversary.

This manifests prestige  for some as we all know how expensive good art is but well, you could still find a much cheaper artist to do a good job without going all extra if you can’t afford.

We all love designer stuffs; be it clothes, shoes or bags as gifts. But, going an extra mile to customise that gift could mean a lot to anyone.

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