Sidika ‘white’ look spans myriad reactions on social media

Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika’s skin colour is increasingly becoming white, worrying a section of Instagram users, who observed the trend.

Ms Sidika, who in 2014 revealed that her skin lightening treatment cost around Ksh15 million in the UK, posted a picture of herself seated on an exquisite couch, donning a black sheer dress and black high-heel shoes. Ms Sidika, in the two-days-old picture, also spotted a blonde weave. Her “whitened” skin made a section of online users claim she resembles a Caucasian person.

Instagram user Consta Faith wrote: “Wa, si msichana ame-jibleach! She is almost looking white. (It is sad) when one strives to look white yet they’d never accept you.”

Another online user, only identified as Anny, observed: “You (Vera) are beautiful. But, you are becoming too white.”

The caption on Ms Sidika’s photo post read: “Spread love, not hate.”

During the 2014 interview on NTV, Ms Sidika said: “looking good is my business.”

She also said, as a result of her skin lightening, she saw an increase in demand for her “services”.

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