Siaya women to take to the streets if “police brutality” continues

Women in Siaya County have threatened to strip naked to protest police brutality witnessed in some sections of the country during CORD’s anti-IEBC demonstrations.


Speaking in Siaya town Tuesday, ODM Gem sub-branch chairlady, Esther Omondi condemned the series of shooting and fatalities caused by police during the anti-IEBC demos.


Ms Omondi urged the government, under Ministry of Interior, to exercise utmost caution when dealing with protestors.


Siaya women in their numbers have threatened to take to the streets while nude if police continue to use live bullets on protestors – an action that has led to several deaths in the recent past.


With CORD holding a tough stance on its bid to oust IEBC Commissioners from office, a wave of strikes witnessed on Monday in Kisumu resulted into a fatality that had many pointing fingers at police for recklessness and excessive force.


“Since anti-IEBC demonstrations are now peaceful, the police must desist from their usual habit of provoking protestors,” Ms Omondi said.


“With the current trend of confrontation, a lot of productive youth will be killed and that is not good for our nation,” she added.

Ms Omondi’s sentiments were echoed by Douglas Otiato – ODM Gem sub-branch secretary – who appealed to the government to, instead, provide security to demonstrators.





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