You shouldn’t come to my funeral, father tells Ommy Dimpoz


The father of top Tanzanian crooner Ommy Dimpoz has warned him against attending his funeral should he die.

Faraji Nyembo, the father of the Baadaye hit-maker, accuses his son of neglecting him – before and after Dimpoz rose to stardom.

“There’s nothing bigger to a parent than when a son shows him or her appreciation. Dimpoz’s claim that he was brought up by a single-mother is a small issue. Nonetheless, I am glad God has given me strength to work. I own a motorbike, which I use in my boda boda business,” the 64-year-old man told Global Publishers.

“Ommy Dimpoz should know what his father eats, and how he lives. If you ask him now for my phone number, he will tell you he doesn’t have it because he sees no need of having it. Every time I call him, my phone does not go through. He should have at least two contacts; one which his parents, close friends and family can reach him on, and another for his fans and the media.

“If it happens that I lose my life today, Ommy Dimpoz shouldn’t attend my funeral because he will be beaten up by my kinsmen in Tabora. And should he attend the funeral, what will he say about my relationship to him; that I was his father?” posed the old man.

Ommy Dimpoz’s father allegedly abandoned him and his mother, when he (Dimpoz) was young.

When he was reached for comment, Ommy Dimpoz said he would address the issue ‘later’.


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