LESAN:Should men shave their pubic hair?


“Should men shave their pubic hair?” this is one of those questions that come up more frequently lately because it’s one of the latest “man trends” going around known as “manscaping.”

Where did guys get this idea?

Partly from watching porn and thinking that if the guys in porn are shaving their balls and getting to have sex with hot women, maybe one of the reasons women aren’t interested in them is due to their pubic hair.

Other guys have gotten the idea to shave their pubes by listening to women on TV, the Internet or in magazines. Somewhere along the way, a few hot women may have said that they like a guy to shave down there, so millions of guys rushed out to get razors and get themselves ready to hopefully impress women.

Obviously, a woman can’t see a guy’s pubic hair before sex, but a lot of guys feel like they need to be “ready” in case they do get to have sex with a woman. They want to ensure that they “look the part” like guys in the porn movies and fear to get an “Ewww…” reaction from a woman for having pubic hair.

Man, some guys are so damn confused about what women want.

Guys, listen up…

Do not try to be pretty for women. Women will gladly suck your “you know what” with or without pubes, as long as you are confident in your sex appeal.

Women will say all sorts of things that they later recount. Do not take what women say about men so literally. When a woman is asking for a man to be more sensitive, she means that he is more open to love and actually feeling emotions, rather than being cold and afraid of experiencing love.

However, she is not saying that she wants a guy to become a woman.

Likewise, if you hear some random women saying that they like a guy who is shaved, it does not mean that you have to shave your pubic hair.

Tell her to suck it and she will, as long as you believe in your sex appeal to her. Give her your raw, confident masculinity and she will love you.

However, give her an insecure, “Now do you like me?” feminine approach to sex and she will not love you. She will feel turned off by you on a deep level because you are thinking and behaving like a woman.



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