Shopkeeper caught sticking plastic eyes on fish to make them look fresh


A store in Kuwait has been reportedly shut down by the Ministry of Commerce after it tried to fool customers by sticking plastic googly eyes on fish to make them appear fresh, Khaleej Times reports.

Local newspaper Al Bayan posted pictures of fish with plastic eyes stuck on them with one picture showing the fake eye slipping off, clearly revealing the yellow eye beneath.

The pictures have created quite a stir on Twitter with users slamming the unnamed fish store’s ploy.

One Twitter user wrote: “The intersection of people who know enough about fish to look at their eyes to judge freshness and people who would be tricked by googly eyes can’t possibly be very large?.”

Another Twitter user advised the fish store and suggested they ‘should have used a pritt stick’ to avoid being caught.

A Twitter user identified as Elodie Mainze said: “That is gross, and bad business practice, but I can’t help [but] laugh at the same time. Did they honestly think people wouldn’t notice?”

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