Shocking details emerge on R. Kelly cult allegations

R. Kelly

After a remarkably long period of silence, R. Kelly is back into the limelight but for all the wrong reasons.

The RnB star has been accused of running a cult which is made up of young ladies he has apparently ‘brainwashed’.

According to reports from the parents of some of the victims, the girls are kept under tight leash and their movements are controlled.

An insider to the whole drama has now revealed that she is a witness to the accusations that were leveled against R. Kelly, and that he is as guilty as they come.

The girl identified as Kim said that R. Kelly dictated what those girls wore, when they ate and what clothes they wore to bed.

She has also added that R. Kelly refers to these girls as his ‘babies’ and they call him ‘daddy’. The girls are made to engage in vile sexual acts including performing oral sex on him. All these things are filmed and shown to R. Kelly’s friends.

Speaking to Jezebel, Kim said she was appalled by the kind of control that was meted on the young women, and that the girls even had their phones salvaged. The phones were replaced by special phones R. Kelly gave them, which they used to communicate with only him and a few other people he allowed.

While one said victim has come out to refute the claims that she is being mistreated and has been inducted into a cult, three other girls have said that the claims are true.

R. Kelly on the other side had denied the claims. Through his lawyer, he said that he is appalled by the degree of defamation that has been brought his way, and that he and his legal team are doing everything to clear his name.

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