Shock as mourners dump man’s body in supermarket, cause chaos for 5 hours


Residents of Voi Town in Taita Taveta County were treated to a shocking incident on Thursday, February 22, when mourners dumped a middle-aged man’s body in a supermarket belonging to a local businessman, who the mourners accuse of killing the lad.

The mourners dumped the man’s body, which was in a coffin, in the Voi supermarket shortly after it was taken from a local mortuary.

The family of the deceased claims their son, Amos Mwabanga, was killed last week by the businessman after he (businessman) suspected that Mwabanga, who worked for him as a herdsman, killed one of his sheep and stole goats.

The deceased’s family members further allege that Mwabanga and two other herdsmen were forced to take an oath to swear they hadn’t stolen the businessman’s goats.

“When they took a concoction that had been prepared by a local witchdoctor, they writhed in pain for a few minutes and, thereafter, died,” said a member of Mwabanga’s family.

Mwabanga, who had worked for the businessman since 2016, was supposed to be buried on Saturday, February 24, but the burial date has since been postponed.

The act of dumping Mwabanga’s body in the supermarket scared staff of the retail facility.

The mourners were demanding to speak with the tycoon and his business partner, a senior medical official in Taita Taveta County Government, but their efforts bore no fruits, given none of the two was in town at the time of the incident.

Police swung into action, firing bullets into the air to disperse the mourners, who were, at that time, charging at the supermarket staff.

After a five-hour confrontation, police managed to move Mwabanga’s body to Moi County Referral Hospital.

Mwabanga’s new burial date is yet to be communicated.

The other two herdsmen, who died alongside him, are also yet to be buried.

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