Shock as woman abandons 2-week-old baby in lodging


A 2-week-old baby was abandoned at a guest room, known as Kibara, in Musoma, Tanzania last Tuesday, March 21, reports Tanzania’s Risasi Mchanganyiko.

According to a health officer attached to Musoma Regional Hospital, namely Clavery, the baby was abandoned by his mother, who checked into the guest room, accompanied by the infant and its sister, whose age is estimated at 2.

Clavery said the woman booked a room, where she stayed for a few minutes before requesting one of the guest room attendants to look after the baby as she went to buy food.

The guest room attendant accepted the woman’s request.

“The baby began crying but the guest room attendant was certain that his mother was going to return soon. However, time lapsed and the woman was nowhere to be seen. The guest room attendant then informed a group of women in the neighbouring area, who reported the matter at a nearby police station,” said Clavery.

“The women were shocked by the baby’s mother’s callous act. They checked if the baby was living with disability, but they found out he is normal. They, thereafter, took him to the police station.”

Police officers took the baby to Musoma Regional Hospital, where he is still being cared for up to the time of going to press. His mother is yet to be arrested.

“When the baby was brought here, he was in bad shape. We have tried to take care of him to the best of our ability. He is now doing well. This is not the first case we are dealing with the case of a woman abandoning her baby. Last year, another baby whose mother went missing, was brought here and we handed her to an orphanage,” said Clavery.

“We are yet to know the name of the baby who was brought in recently. We have, therefore, decided to call him Elisha. We’ll continue looking after him until we’d be directed further by the government on what to do,” said Clavery.



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