Shock as man discovers his ‘wife’ is male

Shock engulfed a man from Mpanyani Village in Mtwara, Tanzania after discovering that his partner, whom all through he believed to be a woman, was actually a fellow man.

Musa Nurdin Bicho, 20, tied the knot with Sharraf Issa Chimera, 19, a few months ago in a ceremony attended by the two and an officiating minister after Bicho’s parents declined to bless their wedding, given Chimera had not introduced them to ‘her’ parents.

Chimera had, through the six months of dating Bicho, disguised as a female, who was in love.  Chimera actually lied to Bicho that his name was Zamda.

The two lovebirds promised to engage in sex and intimacy after marriage.

According to sources, Bicho, after setting a wedding date with his partner Chimera, resorted to menial work to raise the required bride price.

Two weeks later, Bicho had raised sufficient money to take to Chimera’s parents.

According to sources, when Bicho met Chimera, Chimera had all the female features that attracted Bicho to ‘her’.

“He (Chimera) used to plait his hair, wear wanja and lipstick; he would wrap a hijab around his face, his walking style and voice resembled that of a woman. We all knew, all through, that Chimera was a woman,” said a neighbour.

Before taking the bride price to Chimera’s parents, Bicho first introduced Chimera to his parents and sought their blessings for a union that was to take place a few days later.

According to Bicho’s mother, Zainabu Ismail, during the introduction, Chimera refused to give his parents’ phone numbers to Zainabu so that she could confirm that Chimera had been given the green light to marry Bicho.

Bicho’s mother and father, thereafter, declined to give their blessings to the two as they were uncertain whether Chimera was ripe for marriage.

Sources said, after realising that ‘her’ dream of getting married to Bicho was almost hitting a snag, Chimera convinced Bicho into tying the knot without their parents’ approval.

The two looked for a local religious leader, namely Hidary, who presided over their wedding, not knowing that Chimera and Bicho had not received their parents’ blessings.

The two would, after their wedding, embark on a honeymoon, which saw Chimera deny Bicho his conjugal rights, citing an ailment, promising to give Bicho his conjugal rights once ‘she’ recovers.

Bicho would report his ‘wife’ to his mother, who urged him (Bicho) to exercise patience.

Several days later, Chimera still refused to get intimate with ‘her’ husband.

Bicho, two weeks later, returned to his mother to seek counsel, where he enquired about the duration of bleeding during a woman’s menstrual cycle as his ‘wife’ had told him that she was having her periods, which had lasted more than two weeks.

Bicho exercised patience, when it came to getting his conjugal rights, for another three months. The two would, based on the lack of intimacy split, but later reunite.

Women in the neighbourhood, where Chimera and ‘her’ husband lived, said ‘she’ performed all duties of a wife diligently and skillfully.

“We would fetch firewood, wash utensils, wash clothes and perform other wifely duties. We did not suspect ‘her’ gender, whatsoever. Sometimes when ‘her’ husband would leave home for days, we would ask teenage and young girls to go spend the nights at ‘her’ place,” said one of Chimera’s female neighbours.

The women further said they did not suspect Chimera’s gender because ‘she’ had ‘breasts’. However, it turned out that Chimera would roll small pieces of clothes into two balls and place them on his chest before supporting them with a bra.


Chimera’s 40 days came to an end recently, when ‘her’ brothers stormed Bicho’s home demanding to see their brother, whom they had learnt was staying with Bicho.

The brothers carried a picture of Chimera with them and when they showed the picture to Chimera’s neighbours, they were shocked to discover that ‘she’ was a man!

The brothers insisted Chimera was a man and not a woman.

Chimera, who at the time was not home, returned to find ‘her’ neighbours and brothers reeling in shock.

Chimera tried to escape by running away, but ‘she’ was corned before ‘she’ could go far.

Chimera was taken to Mpanyani Village elder, Mohamed Mtota, where he confessed to being a man, who has always admired the feminine lifestyle.

Mohamed says they inspected Chimera and found out that he is a man, and not a woman as many had earlier believed.

Chimera’s ‘husband’, Bicho, has since dumped him, saying he was, just like other people, shocked upon discovering that his ‘wife’ is a man.




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