Shock as Kenyan woman causes drama outside Diamond Platnumz’s house in Dar es Salaam, dumps baby


A Kenyan woman reportedly camped outside Tanzanian heavy-hitter Diamond Platnumz’s house in Madale, Dar es Salaam on December 19, accusing the Utanipenda hit-maker of failing to take parental responsibility for a child he got with her, Tanzania’s Global Publishers reports.

Pansheni Salama, who claims to be a Kenyan citizen, reportedly dumped the baby girl outside Diamond Platnumz’s house, when her attempts to seek an audience with the award-winning singer hit a snag.

A source, who spoke to the Tanzanian outlet, said Diamond Platnumz’s partner, Zari Hassan, was in the country for the wedding of Diamond Platnumz’s cousin DJ Rommy Jones, when the incident happened.

The source said Ms Salama camped outside Diamond’s house, hoping she’d bump into Zari Hassan, whom she believed would come to her rescue after her several attempts to meet Diamond Platnumz bore no fruits.

“Salama had unsuccessfully tried to meet Diamond Platnumz, and the only hope she was left with was seeking an audience with his bonafide partner, Zari Hassan. Salama had learnt via social media reports that Zari was in the country, and hoped she will help her reach Diamond,” said the insider.

“Salama was carrying a baby, when she camped outside Diamond’s house. She claimed Diamond Platnumz was the baby’s father. She had on several occasions, while carrying her baby, spent nights outside the singer’s house,” added the informant.

“Security guards, who were manning the houses around the vicinity, on December 19 took her to the office of the president of the Madale residents’ association. She looked pale, and her baby was being bitten by mosquitoes during the night vigil outside Diamond’s house,” said the source.

Global Publishers reached out to a representative of the Madale residents’ association, Christina Chilumba, who confirmed the incident.

“It is true the said woman (Salama) camped outside Diamond Platnumz’s house on the night of December 19. She was carrying a baby that evening. For more information about this incident, contact the president of the Madale residents’ association,” said Ms Chilumba, who is the Mivumoni area representative.

According to Madale residents’ welfare president, Deo Kamugisha, Diamond Platnumz was summoned to his office, but he failed to show up. Mr Kamugisha said plans are underway to file a case against the singer in court.

“Security guards woke me up at 2am on December 19, reporting that a middle-aged woman had camped outside Diamond Platnumz’s house, accusing the singer of neglecting his parental responsibilities,” said Mr Kamugisha.

“The woman, who identified herself as Pansheni Salama from Kenya, said she’d traveled to Dar er Salaam to give Diamond his baby. Ms Salama said she had obtained relevant documents from Magomeni representative, which allowed her to gain access to the singer’s house. Ms Salama said she had earlier camped outside Diamond Platnumz’s Wasafi Records offices in Sinza, where she did not manage to meet him, and thus resorted to going to his home,” said Mr Kamugisha.

The Madale residents’ welfare president says while interrogating the woman, they saw Diamond Platnumz passing by.

“He gave the woman Tsh65, 000 (Ksh3, 000), and asked her to use Ksh700 as taxi fare to his Wasafi Records office in Sinza, where she will be ‘helped’ by his manager. She told her to use the remaining Ksh2, 300 on meals and other ‘necessities’. Diamond seemingly did not show up at the office, and Ms Salama thereafter resorted to leaving the baby outside the singer’s house.

“We, thereafter, would summon Diamond to my office – thrice – but he failed to show up. We plan on filing a case against the singer in court. The woman is of sound mind, contrary to what Diamond Platnumz’s mother Sanura Kassim claims. She has the baby’s relevant birth documents,” said Mr Kamugisha.

“We’re incurring a lot of costs giving money to foreign people, especially women, who often look for Diamond to no success. We end up giving them bus fare from our own pockets. We urge the singer to attend to his guests, or set up an office, where he can meet those looking for him,” said Mr Kamugisha.

The whereabouts of the Kenyan woman, after leaving her baby outside Diamond’s home, remain unknown.

She had in a past interview contradicted her statement – that Diamond sired her baby, when she alleged that the baby was sired by Diamond’s compatriot and fellow singer Ali Kiba.

Ms Salama would later say she had established her baby’s paternity, and that Diamond Platnumz was the one responsible for her pregnancy.

The baby was pictured being carried by Zari Hassan’s sister in Dar es Salaam during a family gathering.



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