‘She is free to love you’, says Eko Dydda’s wife as she announces end of her marriage


Gospel musician Eko Dydda and his wife, Cynthia Ayugi, have reportedly broken up after the rapper allegedly got into an affair with Ayugi’s friend.

The musician’s wife took to Instagram on Wednesday to post a message, which linked Eko Dydda to marital infidelity. Ayugi, however, deleted the post shortly after uploading it.

“Breaking someone’s marriage is not Godly. I invited you [the woman the rapper allegedly cheated with] as a friend, [and] today, you are saying: ‘Eko Dydda shouldn’t bring me back home because your love won’t grow’. It is not a battle. Eko Dydda, your ‘dope’ is free to love you. Sometimes, it is healthy to walk away [from a non-working marriage]. And, today is that day [when I am walking away from my marriage]. I will not hide it [cracks in the marriage] for fame or money. I will stand with the truth, and will never lie to people,” said Ayugi, in the now-deleted post.

EDAILY reached Eko Dydda to comment on his wife’s allegations.

He said: “I wish I could respond directly to her claims, but I choose not to. Rarely do I respond to negative accusations. What I would say for now, is that God’s grace is sufficient; and that is what I am grateful for today.”

This is not the first time the couple’s troubled marriage is making headlines.

In March this year, allegations surfaced online that the “Vidole” hit-maker kicked out his wife and children from their Nairobi home following differences with his spouse.

Ayugi allegedly packed her belonging and those of their two sons and left after she was reportedly dared by the rapper to ship out.

Ayugi, according to the then-rumour mill, was staying at her relative’s place in Nairobi’s Jericho Estate, as Eko Dydda brought in another woman.

The couple would, however, be pictured together a few days later, effectively extinguishing the then-spiraling chatter.

When EDAILY reached the musician for comment at the time, he said: “You know me. I cannot dare do all that which is being alleged online. My wife and children are with me, and I do not know where that bad rumour came from. I, however, leave it to God to fight for me.”

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