Sexual harassment would force me to permanently relocate to Kenya – Rose Muhando


Veteran Tanzanian gospel star Rose Muhando, 41, now claims her life is in danger.

In March 18, 2017, Rose Muhando told eDaily that a pastor “wanted her to do dirty things with him”. She did not expound on what ‘dirty things’ the pastor wanted her to do, saying: “When the right time comes, I will speak out.”

The right time, seemingly, has finally come and Rose Muhando claims that the pastor, who is politically, financially and socially buoyant, wants to take sexual advantage of her. She says she rejected his advances, and the man has now resorted to threatening her, saying he would kill her if she does not give in to his sexual demands.

Muhando told Tanzania’s Ijumaa Wikienda newspaper, owned by Global Publishers, that her tormentor even engaged the police, who would often arrest and assault her over reasons yet to be made clear to her.

Rose Muhando says her tormentor, whom she is yet to identify by name, is a married man.

Rose Muhando says that the man, in the past, helped her raise money for her music production. She, however, claims that the man would demand sexual favours as quid pro quo (reciprocation for his kindness). She says when she rejected his sexual advances; the man began harassing her – incessantly.

According to Rose Muhando – as quoted by Wikienda – the man vowed to take away her material wealth, including her cars and other valuable possessions.

“He is well-connected to the police bosses and religious leaders around. So, it is easy for him to make defamatory claims against me and have police harass me,” said Rose Muhando.

Ms Muhando claims that the man is the propagator of allegations that she engages in hard drugs.

“I do not abuse drugs; and I am not intending to. If he saw that that is the scandal that will bring me down, I know he will be defeated. He wants to finish me completely. He wanted me to engage in sexual activities with him; he wanted me to work for him. I refused,” said Muhando as quoted by Wikienda.

“I have never engaged in drug abuse and the way he is talking, it is hurting my family psychologically.

“I am a mother of three children. The false claims are being leveled against me because I do not have anyone who would fight for me. God is my defender and protector, nonetheless.

“He (tormentor) is doing all these toward me because I refused to sleep with him. When police arrest me, they often beat me senseless. I have children from previous relationships. Men took advantage of me and dumped me. I was hurt. It would have felt quite better if my fellow women were the ones exploiting me. I am now receiving death threats. I am even contemplating relocating to another country. Will he be happy if I permanently move to Kenya?”

“God will fight my battles. The heavens shall open and justice shall be served. The man has made defaming allegations against me,” said Rose Muhando.

eDaily attempted to reach Rose Muhando for comment but our phone calls went unanswered.

Rose Muhando was born in 1976 in Dumila Village, Morogoro Province.

She was initially a Muslim before converting to Christianity when she was 9-years-old. She had been ailing for three years – all through in bed –, and when she fully recovered she converted to Christianity.

Rose Muhando’s albums include: Mteule Uwe Macho, Kitimutimu, Jipange Sawasawa and Utamu wa Yesu.


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