Seth Gor on the spot after reportedly clobbering his lover and breaking her finger

Instagram tickler and actor Seth Gor has been exposed on social media by his lover Shiko Phyna after he reportedly clobbered her after a disagreement.

A diagnosis letter from Medi Heal hospital in Eastleigh where she received medical attention said Shiko had been treated for a broken finger and had suffered blunt force trauma on the side of her head.

A letter form the Mediheal hospital in Eastleigh says Shiko- the victim, has been treated for blunt force trauma and one of her nails had been torn off. Photo: Edgar Obare/Instagram

The matter, eDaily understands, was reported to the Buru Buru police station with comedian getting arrested.

He was later released on a KSh 20,000 cash bail.

Shiko who says she had been dating the comedian for the last 8 months posted an account of what happened on her Instagram stories but later deleted the posts.

The comedian was reportedly arrested and released on a KSh 20,000 cashbail. Photo/Edgar Obare

Gor, who spoke to Youtuber Edgar Obare rubbished the claims saying the rumours of the assault were not a “big deal”.

When he was pressed to divulge more tea into what had happened, he turned the roost upside down accusing his woman of perpertating the attack.

“My girlfriend and I are cool, we had an argument and she hit me and her nail broke,” he said in the post.

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