Senior NYS official caught on camera whipping recruit

A senior National Youth Service (NYS) official is on the spot after he was caught on film seemingly harassing a recruit.

In the video, the NYS official is seen to be commanding the recruit to apply mud on his face as he whips him in front of other recruits.

The cause of the action is yet to be identified, however, the official is heard asking the recruit “Nini yako ingine iko hapa?” (What else of yours is here?) while pointing at a collection of personal items like phone chargers and cables.

The official follows the recruit around throughout the 1:06-minute video ordering him to “lala hapo” (lie down there) and constantly subjecting him to strokes of the cane.

The shaky video was filmed by a fellow recruit. eDaily cannot ascertain the authenticity of the video or when it was taken.


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