Senator Mike Sonko complains of loneliness


Are you based in Malindi? Perhaps you could lend Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko your company as he pitches camp in the coastal city ahead of the polls.

Why, you ask? Well, the outspoken politician has taken to social media to complain of loneliness and boredom – a situation that has prompted him to ask fans to volunteer to keep him company.

The Jubilee politician is at the coastal town for Malindi by-elections campaigns where is he is drumming up support for Jubilee Alliance Party candidate Phillip Charo.

The wealthy politician shared a video of him walking around a deserted compound at a residence branded Sonko Family Resort.

Complaining about loneliness, Sonko confessed that he is bored and lonely.

“I say si miuboeka sana imagine hii stress yote ya campaign huku Malindi nakaa hapa peke yangu kama shetani. No massage ya kichwa ya kupunguza presha ya campaign. No nothing (sic).”

Reaching out to fans for company, he posted: “Ni kina nani wako na roho wanipe company mpaka siku ile campaign itaisha? (sic)”

In just a few hours, the post garnered nearly 300 comments with many choosing to debate Malindi politics and business opportunities.

One keen fan, however pointed out that Sonko couldn’t possibly be alone because he must have had someone shoot the video.

“You have company. Who is taking the video?” Ngina Gathecha posed.

To that, Sonko simply responded: “Drone.”

The video, which was posted at 1:07am, continues to garner comments and views. With all the traction the clip is getting, it looks like the Senator could finally find some company.

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