Secrets not kept! Doctor reveals 7 reasons why Wema Sepetu lost her pregnancy


Wema Sepetu’s doctor has revealed 7 reasons why the former Miss Tanzania 2006 lost her pregnancy, says Amani Newspaper.

The doctor, through Wema’s relative, said the model’s lifestyle contributed immensely to her losing her unborn twins four months ago.

And another doctor based in Dar es Salaam Fadhili Emily added his voice to what Wema Sepetu’s doctor said.

No sufficient rest during pregnancy

“Tests conducted on Wema during pregnancy showed the actress needed enough rest so that she could sustain the pregnancy to full term – she risked losing the pregnancy if she did not rest sufficiently. But Wema did not settle through the pregnancy, hence she lost it,” said Wema’s doctor.

Refused to take bed rest

“It reached a point when Wema needed nothing, but bed rest to save her from miscarriage. She refused to take the bed rest, and she consequently lost the pregnancy.”

Refused to do light duties only

“Wema was told not to do tasks and chores that require a lot of energy. She did not heed to the advice, and she instead did a lot of laborious tasks. That could have contributed to the loss of pregnancy.”


Dr Fadhili Emily says Wema probably lost pregnancies in the past without knowing, and that women with such a history often find it difficult to carry a pregnancy to maturity.

“Wema probably comes from a lineage where women find it difficult to carry a pregnancy to full term. And that could have contributed to her losing her pregnancy,” said Dr Emily.


“Another major contributor of pregnancy loss is over-indulgence in alcohol and cigarette smoking. Probably Wema took one too many – which could have resulted in the loss.”

Pregnancy complications

“Wema probably suffered complications during pregnancy, and they were not timely treated.”

Past abortion case(s)

“A woman can abort only once and completely destroy her womb – abortions don’t have to be necessarily numerous to destroy a womb. Past abortions can affect today’s pregnancy – and even result in miscarriages,” said Dr Emily.

Wema in 2015 confessed to aborting late actor Steven Kanumba’s baby.

Wema in February 2016 lost her 13-week unborn twins. The actress and her boyfriend Big Brother Africa Season 9 winner Idris Sultan mourned the loss in moving messages.



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