Secondary school principal bans female teachers from wearing lipstick…here’s why

Top administration at Friends School Kaimosi Girls in Vihiga County has banned teachers from wearing lipstick.

According to a letter dated June 2 and signed by the institution’s principal, Mrs Opala Violet Oyungu, female teachers that apply lipstick fail to set good example to students in the school.

“I write to inform you that we are finding it very difficult to correct some students in our school over the aforeunderlined (use of lipstick and make up in school). They are pointing at us as the ones leading them into doing this,” reads the introductory paragraph of the letter obtained by eDaily.

“I therefore ask that from the date of this letter (June 2), no female staff should use lipstick or eye make-up while on duty in school and while with students out for any school function. It is unfortunate that the girls are pointing at us to be misleading them in that area,” wrote the school’s principal.

Mrs Opala noted that the school’s female staff can wear make-up and lipstick when not within Kaimosi Girls’ premises or when interacting with the students.

“You are allowed to use lipstick etc while not on duty. Let us remain proper role models to the girls in all ways,” she concluded her memo.

eDaily’s attempts to reach Kaimosi Girls’ administration for comment bore no fruits.

Below is the letter:



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