Scripted or real demands? This woman’s search for love has people doubting


Angie, daughter of a pastor came into the limelight early this week during the Ebru Television show “Perfect Match”.

She was on a date with music director and artist Xbenjoes.

During the date she was asked where she lived and responded: “Naishi Eastleigh, but naplan kuhama” as she isn’t comfortable with the area.

The music artist was quite smitten by her response, and giggled.

Through a friend, Xbenjoes claimed to have heard that she was quite a party girl: “Yeah, I am a party animal” she confirmed.

To add on that, she demanded that she be served with pizza as she is a lady, though she keeps it real “ata nikishindwa kukula na hizi vitu(cutlery) narusha hii kitu kwa mdomo.”

She requested that he take off his glasses, in excitement: “Oh my God, I am in love!’. Though they had, had just two minutes of interaction.

Compliments from Xbenjoes about how cute she was and how he liked her light skin complexion made her blush as she ate the pizza hungrily.

“Have it baby,” She fed him with a piece of the pizza and told him he needs a real woman in the house, who’s her. Angie then demanded bottled water and a carbonated drink.

“By the way what do you do?” Xbenjoes asked, then boom! “Mimi ni twerker,” came her reply. Still confused by the reply, he tried to seek clarification, “video vixen?”, ”vixen ka hiyo but me huzikwenda sana”.

She claims to be twerking on Citizen TV’s 10/10 Show, and was one of musician Juacali’s on-stage dancers.

She also claims to have featured as a vixen in music videos of artists in her village, those Xbengoes wasn’t familiar with.

Xbenjoes told her of his profession and she immediately asked if he was going to marry her then gave him a warm hug. “Uko na pesa?” she asked and continued: “Niko na mtoi; nilimpata bahati mbaya.”

Her ideal man should be financially stable, have a belly and have beard. After insisting on him, that he is financially stable, she requested that he buys her stilettos resembling Rihanna’s at a cost of Ksh3, 000.

She claimed that her dad had advised that if a guy can’t take care of her, ‘arudi kwao’.

“By the way we are rich, somehow. Baba yangu ako na gari na mbuzi,” she claimed. Xbenjoes claimed to have the same things, and he sang her chorus of his song. Angie was impressed and fell even deeper in love.

“Ukinipenda utakuwa umenisaidia mimi ni mreal siezi acha pizza na ntaskia njaa usiku,” she said. She then asked that they settle down as she was ready. She then showed off her belly button and booty to the artist.

At the end of the show Xbenjoes rejected her as he did not see a future with her.

“She is too hyper for me,” he said.

She claimed not to be mad but she looked pissed off, rolling her eyes and clicking.

“Ndevu zake hazijanibamba vile me nilikuwa nataka  pia hakuwa na utambi and I can afford his diet,” said Angie.

She then said that with her good body shape and looks she “can’t miss a man”.

“You are too big for my style, taste and preference; nisiswahi kutana na wewe corner mbaya, umeniwastia pesa kukam date then you don’t want me” was her message to him.

Angie, a self-proclaimed slay queen, wants a man who will take care of her kid, have beard(like that of Rick Ross), a big belly, have money, take care of her needs and buy her a car.

She added that her child won’t have the suitor’s surname; must pay dowry (39 camels) and buy her grandpa 100 cows.




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