School girls arrested while naked at a man’s house in Nakuru


Three girls from St. Mark’s Eldonio Secondary School were on Wednesday morning found locked nude in a house belonging to a Nakuru-based florist identified as Job Ochieng’.

The students, who were reportedly sent home for school fees on Monday, July 18th, spent three days at Mr Ochieng’s house in Mwariki A, an estate in Nakuru Town West Constituency.

Neighbours took notice of the presence of the trio at the 21-year-old’s house and alerted authorities Wednesday morning.

Administration Police attached to Flamingo AP Post raided the house, where they found the three students naked.

The girls were apprehended and taken to Flamingo AP Post for questioning.

Authorities later arrested Ochieng’ outside the Nakuru County Referral Hospital Mortuary.

He confessed that he was the boyfriend to one of the girls. He says his lover called him Monday evening and informed him that she would be spending the night at his house; and that she would be accompanied by two of her schoolmates who could not make it to their respective homes as dusk had fallen.

The three, however, did not proceed home the next day.

Area Assistant Chief, Joseph Macharia, confirmed the incident terming it as unfortunate.

“I had received reports Wednesday morning from Nyumba Kumi elders that there were three girls donned in uniform from St. Mark’s Eldonio Secondary School who had had lodged at a man’s house for three days.”

“When women at the residential place questioned the three girls, they told the women that they shouldn’t be nosy. I took initiative to inform police about the incident. AP officers raided the man’s house and arrested the girls,” added the chief.

“When we asked the girls’ parents if they knew anything about their daughters’ whereabouts, they said that the girls were in school. However, we informed them of what had transpired.”

Police have since launched investigations into the incident.

Mr Macharia has urged school administrators to inform parents when they send students home for school fees, among other reasons.

“Teachers should inform parents when students have been sent home, or when they are missing in school, and parents should inform teachers when the students have been sent to school.

“In short, there should be a rapport between the two important parties in a child’s life. School-going teenagers take advantage of the information vacuum that exists when there is communication distortion between the two parties,” said Mr Macharia.


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