Sarahah: 10 reasons why you should, should not join the online craze


The Sarahah app is the new rage in town. In case you are wondering what Sarahah is, it is an app that allows you to send and receive anonymous messages. The app developer insists that the app is meant to help people receive positive feedback, but from the user experience, sometimes the feedback is anything but positive. Whether it is a bane or a boon, people still dig it. So, here are five reasons why you should and five more why you should not join Sarahah.

Constructive feedback

Through Sararah you can actually get positive feedback on a business, a service or your personality, which you can later build on.

Embarrassing weaknesses

Sarahah is a chance for your friends to point out your weaknesses, some which they may not be able to point out otherwise due to their sensitive/embarrassing nature (bad breathe, chewing badly).

Secret admirers

Ah, Sarahah is an open day for secret admirers; it draws them out of the woods. They tell you they have been crushing on you all their lives. It is good to know someone out there likes you but is too scared to make a move.

Ego boost

Some people on Sarahah shower you with praises, how cute you are, how good your personality is, blah blah blah. It is good for the self esteem.

The truth will come out

If there’s a place that is good for the truth, it is Sarahah. Something happened to you and you never got to know the whole truth, someone can anonymously tell you what happened. It can be a sad truth or happy truth, but it is the truth nonetheless and truth is good.

Why not:

Ego bruising

Using Sarahah is akin to laying your ego on a rail and stepping back to see what happens. You will, most likely, end up with a mangled wreck of what was formerly your ego. People can say things, but with their identity hidden, they can say really nasty things that will forever leave you questioning your existence.

Cyber bullying

Sarahah is cyber bullying. The only difference is that you invite the bullies into your space. You make your bed then lie on it with your enemy. Sarahah is for strangers and friends alike, and there are bullies who will leave behind nasty messages simply because they can, and they will never be traced.


Relationships are the biggest casualty of Sarahah. You might trust your partner 100%, but five people or more leave you messages saying that your partner is cheating and it suddenly gets to your head. Picture this, if you wanted to get back to your ex, and had the gift of anonymity, what would you do? It is happening.


Sarahah is just narcissism played on yet another social media – people aching for validation seeking to know what people think about them, how much people like them, how great they are, how beautiful they are. It is all about self… self, self, self.

The truth is not always attractive

We survive because we do not know what other people think about us, breaking those walls and inviting the ugly, nasty truth into our lives is a huge gamble, one that we might never be able to rise from. Sarahah is a like opening a can of worms, both new and old worms – old scores, forgotten memories, alien feelings, bad experiences all come out pouring out of your screen, it can be good, but also very bad.

So now when you join Sarahah, you know exactly what you are getting yourself into.


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