Sakata Mashariki Season 6 edges close to the finals

East Africa’s best dance show, Sakata Mashariki Season 6, has reached an interesting peak with dance groups battling it out to be crowned the region’s dance kings and queens.

The first semifinals of the competition, which aired on September 13, saw a series of energetic performances from dance groups which put every effort to outdo the other, and make it to the finals.

The East African countries were equitably represented in the episode one semis with teams pooled from across the region showing best what they are made of.

Kenya was represented by: Pillars and The Crew both from Nairobi and Le Afrique from Nakuru.

T-Africa was the team that carried Tanzania’s flag high in the competition. Zonex and Jets dance groups represented Uganda.

The judges had a lot of expectations from the teams as they had given them a dance theme which allowed for creativity.

Judge Renee Artistic said: “The challenge that we gave the dancers is evolution of dance; where dance started and where it is right now, and for them to be able to perform and tell us a story.”

Agreeing with Renee Judge Jesse added: “We gave them themes, and what we would be looking for is how they make those themes real.”

In a bid to prove they were up to the task, the crews brought the house down with dance moves borrowed from early ‘80s to the modern dynamic styles.

However, at the end of the day, only three teams made it to the finals.

The teams which were successful going by the scores which were given by the judges are: The Crew (22), T-Africa (23) and Zonex (22).

Other teams Jets (19), Pillars (19) and Le Afrique (20) did not make it to the finals.

Sunday, September 20, will see four more teams facing off to win the coveted title – East Africa’s ultimate dance leaders.

These teams include: Zawadi from Nairobi, Shakers from Nakuru, Dabz from Mombasa and Tatanisha from Tanzania.

Sakata Mashariki airs on Citizen TV on Sundays at 8:00pm.

Watch the semifinals first episode here:

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