Safaricom: Money lost in over 420, 000 KCPE result inquiries using short code 22252 will be refunded

Telecommunications service provider Safaricom says users who sent Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) result inquiries on the short code 22252 using their Safaricom lines experienced problems receiving feedback because “of a technical challenge”.

According to Safaricom’s Director Strategy and Innovation, Joseph Ogutu, the leading telco company is blameless for the hitch, given the firm was only providing a telecommunication platform for another company, which had been hired by the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) to relay the results to interested users. Each message was charged Ksh25.

Mr Ogutu, in a press statement on Thursday, November 23, said Safaricom launched an investigation into the hitch following a number of customer complaints related to the 22252 short code.

“Safaricom initiated a full investigation with a view to ensuring that all customers were able to use the service and were not over-charged for their use,” said Mr Ogutu in the press statement.

“The 22252 Short code is run by a third party named Challa Communications Limited, who are licensed by the Communications Authority and were contracted by the Kenya National Examinations Council to provide the service.

“On Wednesday, Challa Communications informed us of a technical challenge that meant that customers who queried the system experienced delays in receiving results.

“This prompted some customers to repeat their query and in the process, they were billed multiple times for each attempt. As a result, a total of 424,011 requests were affected.

“We have instructed Challa Communications to refund all of the affected customers starting this afternoon (Thursday, November 23), targeting those who queried the system more than once, as well as those who may have been billed without receiving any response.

“We regret any inconvenience caused to our customers and want to assure them that we are dedicated to ensuring that they continue to enjoy the best possible experience on our network,” said Mr Ogutu.


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