Sabina Chege reveals identity of man in viral picture, dares Chacha and Nyakundi


Muranga’a Woman Representative Sabina Chege has dismissed rumours suggesting she personally knows controversy-scarred man Wazir Chacha.

Ms Chege, who was hosted on Hot96 FM breakfast show Jeff and Jalas on Tuesday, April 4, said she only learnt about Mr Chacha after he featured on the splash of a weekly, which alleged he and former Bomet Woman Rep Cecilia Ng’etich had an intimate relationship.

“I totally do not know Chacha. I first experienced about Chacha, when he featured on the splash of Nairobian. Immediately, thereafter, some women legislators immediately started sharing that the guy had been contacting them,” said Ms Chege.

“I want to be very clear that he never contacted me; I have never had a personal contact with Chacha. I was out of the country, and when I came back, (I took) my (ailing) baby to hospital. We were at the Aga Khan Hospital. At around midnight, I saw a missed call from (Eldas MP) Honourable (Adan) Keynan. I wondered why Keynan was calling me at that time; he asked: ‘Mhesh, have you sent me a text message on WhatsApp?’

“I told him: ‘No”. It was late, we did not talk much. The following morning – at around 8am, he told me: ‘Someone tried to text and contact me last night. They said it was you; the WhatsApp profile picture was yours’.

“Basically, this happened when the MPs went to the Coast for legislators’ induction, and they were accommodated at the Pride Inn Hotel. Every MP was there besides me. Keynan said: ‘The person said you were stuck (sic) and that you needed some money.’ Keynan tried to call the contact, but his call wasn’t picked. It was late, so Keynan said he texted the number: ‘Why don’t you come to Serena Hotel, and I will pay your taxi fare?’

“The person said: ‘I am not feeling well, my dear’. He suspected something was wrong because they could not communicate on call, but managed to do that on text. I told Keynan: ‘Send me the texts, send me the phone contact’. He did that, and by around 9am, I got CS Peter Munya’s text message, which read: ‘Mhesh, I am returning your call’.

“I told him: ‘I have not called you at all’.

“The suspects, Chacha included, had bought a new mobile phone line and registered it using my name. They did not use my Identity Card number to so. I had a complaint to raise with the Kenyan telecommunications company, which Chacha registered his line under. I could not understand why he (Chacha) managed to register a line without giving a valid ID number. I reported the incident to the telecommunications service provider, who took two weeks to respond.

“They told me: ‘Send a message to 333. I got an automated reply saying: ‘We have received your request, and we are going to handle it’. From there, nobody contacted me.”


“I want to say that the picture, which is circulating online, showing a man, who sections allege is Chacha, and I posing for a photograph, is not representative. The man in that picture is not Chacha; he is a youth leader in Murang’a called Sammy. I took that picture with him in August 2017 after I won Murang’a Woman Rep seat. I am used to being cyber-bullied, given I am a person in the public limelight.

“I am waiting for Chacha to release the photos and videos, he says he has, showing him and 13 female MPs in intimate positions. I have never had any personal contact with Chacha; even the alleged messages of flattery he has done with female MPs, I am not one of them (MPs). The only thing; and why I came out is that my name was being used.

“He (Chacha) contacted CSs, MPs saying I had Stage One cancer, and I needed to go to Australia for treatment; and that I needed Ksh6 million. He was telling the CSs to send him Ksh1 million. I needed to come out and say: ‘I am not sick, I am not asking for any money, be aware of conmen; if any person comes out to say she is Honourable Sabina and is asking for money, just know it is not me.’

“The DCI clarified that Chacha and I are not related in any way.

“I am still here, and I am not looking for a Ben10, and if I need a Ben10, I will never go for Chacha. I am happily married and I have children.

“Chacha is a known guy, he had gone to Nairobian to give his story about him and Mheshimiwa. I do not know whether he and Mheshimiwa had a thing.  We have people who can use drugs, who can use other powers to woo women. These things happen. But, the thing is: ‘Do not demonise; when I say I am being conned, please do not demonise me’.


“I think Chacha is operating in a network. Chacha knows I have a following, and he used my name to extort people. Chacha opened a bank account in Narok using my name, but the bank manager told me, yes there was a dormant account opened using my name, and it was opened by one Wazir Chacha. That is how authorities discovered that he was the conman fleecing MPs.

“Following these controversies, I am not going to be cowed, I am not going to retreat; I am not going to leave public office. I must be doing something right; that’s why I am talked about that much.


“I am waiting for the said video to appear. Let it appear if indeed it is there. If there was anything if this guy had with me, it would have gone viral. I am asking Cyprian Nyakundi if he knows Chacha: does he work with him? He (Nyakundi) is the first person, who posted this on Twitter. The network is bigger.”


Mr Chacha, who is accused of conning MPs out of their cash, will spend four days in police cells beginning Tuesday, a Nairobi court on April 3.

Senior Principal Magistrate Christine Njagi issued the order when Mr Chacha appeared before her on Tuesday.

The detention is meant to give police more time to investigate the case.

Ms Njagi further ordered the accused be taken to Mathari Mental Hospital for psychiatric assessment after his lawyer claimed that he has mental problems.






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