Sabby Angel: Zari Hassan has nothing on me!


Tanzanian actress Sabrina Omary, alias Sabby Angel, says she is surprised by an argument widely shared on social media claiming that Diamond Platnumz’s partner Zari Hassan is more beautiful than actress Wema Sepetu.

Angel has a strong conviction that if beauty comparison was to be made between Zari Hassan and her, she (Angel) will emerge triumphant.

The controversial actress further claims that Zari is “lucky” to be with Diamond Platnumz.

“I have shapely legs that complement my body. You cannot compare me with Zari. I believe in myself and if there is someone who can arrange a beauty contest between Zari and I, let him do so. He will see the outcome for himself,” Sabby Angel told Global Publishers in a recent interview.

Sabby Angel says she made the remarks because every time she logs on to social media she comes across statements of awe about Zari Hassan’s beauty – something she finds hard to believe because “there are many more beautiful women in Tanzania.”



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