S.A minister: I apologise to my kids, mum-in-law over sexually explicit video


South African Minister of Home Affairs, Malusi Gigaba, has found himself at the centre of negative publicity after a video showing him holding his manhood in a private room went viral online.

The minister has now come out to allege that those responsible for the circulation of the video wanted to extort him financially, and when he refused to heed to their demands, they released the video to a mass audience.

Gigaba, 47, says he recorded the video on his phone, and sent it to his wife Noma Gigaba, not knowing that media contents in his phone could be targeted by “hackers”.

Gigaba says that the “hackers” began blackmailing him in March, 2017, when he was appointed as the Minister of Finance.

“My wife and I have learned, with regret and sadness, that a video containing material of a sexual nature, meant for our eyes only, which was stolen when my communication got illegally intercepted/my phone got hacked, in 2016/2017, is circulating among certain political figures…,” Gigaba wrote on Twitter on Saturday, October 27.

“This video has been at the centre of a number of blackmail and extortion attempts, dating back to the period immediately following my appointment as Minister of Finance, on 31 March 2017, all of which I have steadfastly refused to entertain…

“These blackmail/extortion attempts as well as the illegal interception of my communication/hacking of my phone have all been reported to the relevant law enforcement/intelligence agencies and I am advised that the resultant investigations are still continuing…,” he added.

“I take this opportunity to publicly apologise, in advance, to the rest of my family – especially my kids, my mom and my in-laws – and the South African public for the pain and embarrassment the likely wider distribution of this private material will cause…,” said Gigaba.

The minister has now hired a communications and public relations firm in South Africa to handle the matter.

Gigaba was re-appointed as the Minister of Home Affairs in February, 2018 after serving in the same capacity between May 2014 and March 2017.

Another ministerial portfolio, which was held by Gigaba was that of the Public Enterprises. He served as the minister in that docket between May 2009 and May 2014.

Gigaba has two young children with 37-year-old wife Noma Mngoma.

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