Rowdy youth force Jubilee Senator to flee in middle of a radio interview


Nominated Senator, Naisula Lesuuda, was on Friday forced to cut short a radio interview after a group of rowdy youth stormed Serian FM, demanding she stops addressing the locals.

The FM station, based in Maralal Town, Samburu County, went off the air when the uncontrollable group overpowered Ms Lesuuda’s bodyguards and gained access to the building and began shouting her down, while banging on the studio door from the outside.

The youth left after the accomplishment of their mission. Senator Lesuuda reported the matter at Maralal Police Station.

In her statement, recorded at the police post, Ms Lesuuda said she was in the middle of mobilising locals to register as voters ahead of August 8 polls – via the radio interview – when she was rudely interrupted by the youth.

Lesuuda said, in her statement, that the radio host locked the studio door from the inside when he sensed danger. She added that the youth threatened to set the building ablaze if Ms Lesuuda won’t abort the radio interview.

Blaming her political rivals for the fracas, Ms Lesuuda said she ordered her bodyguards not to shoot in the air – or at the youth – because of her extreme fear of blood.

Confirming the incident, Maralal District Officer of Criminal Investigation, James Mwihuri said the matter is under investigation, noting no arrests have been made thus far.

(Report by Josphister Lengarpatei in Samburu County)


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