Ringtone’s gift for Zari Hassan shakes up social media, some doubt his intentions

Gospel singer Ringtone says he has acquired a new Range Rover Sport 2017 model for his celebrity crush, Zari Hassan.

Posting pictures, Thursday, of the high-end car parked outside a posh house in Karen, Ringtone said he was fulfilling the Ugandan businesswoman’s wish for a new Range Rover.

“You (Zari Hassan) recently posted on your Instagram that you wanted a Range Rover. Okay, I took note and I want to let the world know today (Thursday, May 10) that I have bought you a brand new Range Rover sport 2017 model. Please, arrange how to pick your key before you leave (for Uganda or South Africa),” Ringtone posted on the social media platform.

The “Pamela” star has never attracted a barrage of comments to his Instagram page as he did on Thursday, when he made his offer to Zari. A section of the online users ridiculed him, others were sceptical about believing the stunt, while others were simply awed by his obsession with Zari.

Gospel singer Mr Seed just posted laughing emojis on Ringtone’s timeline.

This comes even as the gospel singer continues to emphasise that he is best-suited to replace Diamond Platnumz in Zari’s heart.

Diamond, a father of two children with Zari, was dumped by the Ugandan socialite on February 14.

In an interview with Citizen TV on February 28, Ringtone said he was hopeful Zari will become his wife.

“To be honest, Zari is beautiful; she is entrepreneurial and she is from our region – the East African community. I have been looking for Zari’s phone number. I want her to be my friend. And above all, if God decides that she will become my wife, why not? I am single, I am successful, I am blessed, I am tall, dark and handsome; that is what’s up,” said Ringtone.

Despite Zari saying she left Diamond because the singer was philandering, Ringtone was quoted by a Kenyan weekly entertainment newspaper pull-out saying that Zari left Diamond because the Tanzanian crooner could no longer finance her expensive lifestyle.

Ringtone denied. “I did not say that Diamond Platnumz is financially unable to take care of Zari; those were words forced on me by a journalist, who wanted her story to be juicy,” said the singer.

Ringtone was also quoted as saying that he had built a home in Karen, and that he was waiting for Zari and her children to occupy it.

“I have many homes. I used to live in Karen, but I started having problems with traffic jams; so I moved to Runda; it is not show-off; when you’re blessed, you are blessed. It is just normal. Yes, the now-vacant Karen home will house Zari and her children.”

But despite having made all these arrangements, the singer, ironically, has never reached out to Zari to express his interest in her. Why?

“I have not reached out to Zari Hassan, but given she comes from East Africa, and the story made headlines in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya, she, now, must be aware of my interest in her. I am humbly asking her to consider this man right here, who is God-fearing, handsome, knows how to smile, and won’t give her any trouble,” said Ringtone, adding: “When I look at Zari, I think she can make a good Mama wa kanisa.”

Another picture showing Ringtone taking a look at a herd of cows surfaced online in February, with the singer saying that the cows would be part of Zari’s bride price, should she accept to marry him.

“The cows are in one of my pieces of land in Karen. My Ugandan fans remind me that Ivan Ssemwanga paid 100 cows for Zari, and that I should up my game; I am willing to equal or surpass Ivan’s bride price.”

But Zari Hassan, in a February, 2018 interview on the BBC, said she was not ready to date another man after splitting from Diamond, thereby, putting a stopper to Ringtone’s interest in her.

What does Ringtone think about that?  “In life we have plans and expectations; we can say: ‘At this time, I would do this’, but you end up doing the opposite. I understand what Zari has been through; moving from one relationship to another, and the new union doesn’t work, it must be really difficult for her. Her third relationship should work out, if she chooses me for a partner, I am sure it shall work out,” he said.





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