Ringtone speaks on hiring Range Rover and getting embarrassed by Zari Hassan in public

Last week, gospel singer Ringtone treated Kenyans to a travesty, that of him giving away a brand new Range Rover.

The singer drove the Range Rover to Radio Africa hoping to meet with Tanzanian socialite, Zari Hassan.

Photos shared online showed the car with a red bow, a wreath of flowers and a make-believe custom plate bearing Zari’s name.

The singer had claimed that he was giving away the car to the woman who he harbors a crush for.

A week after the incidence, There are allegations that Ringtone had hired the Range Rover contrary to rumour that he had bought it.

Singer Ringtone waits outside the Radio Africa Group for Zari who was at an interview. Photo: Ringtone Apoko/Instagram

Sources claim that Ringtone knew for sure that Zari would reject his gift but he knew he would get something back in return- a whole lot of publicity and stunting rights.

Through a phone interview with eDaily, Ringtone has refuted the allegations that he hired the car in an attention-seeking charade:

” Kenyans talk too much, they even said I dont live in Runda and I was defaulting in rent payments, even this one time will tell, I dont have to convince anyone, I’m not a public institution,” the singer said in part.

We pressed him further on his relationship with Zari who has since rejected his gift.

Ringtone says that he is still going to pursue the mother of five who recently walked out of her marriage to Diamond Platnumz:

” Quitters never win, I will not quit on what I feel for Zari, I will prove everyone wrong,” he added.

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