Ringtone: I met Angel, but did not impregnate her

Kenyan gospel singer, Ringtone, is a man under siege after a 22-year-old Nairobi girl known only by one name, Angel, accused him of impregnating her and later denying responsibility.

In an audio recording sent to the Standard, Angel claims that she and Ringtone dated for an undisclosed period of time.

However, what comes out from her allegations is that they had a fling at Ringtone’s Karen home, which she says resulted in pregnancy.

Angel adds when she informed Ringtone she had missed her menses and that she suspected she was pregnant, Ringtone vehemently denied being responsible.

The following is an excerpt of the supposed audio recording between Ringtone and Angel obtained from Standard Newspaper’s weekly pull-out, Pulse:

Angel: Umeniblock? (Have you blocked me from reaching you on phone)?

Ringtone: Sasa nataka tuheshimiane kwa sababu mahali unapeleka (story), probably, haitaenda vizuri…So naomba tuheshimiane. Wewe fanya vile unataka. I do not care. Na we si wa kwanza. Wengi sana wamejaribu…Kama hauwezi jiheshimu, we usiniambie… We si mtoto. We ni mwanamke mzee… (Let’s respect one another. You do whatever you wish. I do not care. Many have tried to bring me down, but have failed. You are not a kid; you are old enough).

Angel: Sasa nifanye (what should I do)?

Ringtone: I don’t care men, you know what I am saying! I don’t care. Halafu naomba ukome. Naomba, sababu ukianza vita na mimi there will be consequences… just leave me alone! (I don’t care. Please leave me alone. If you don’t, there will be consequences)!

Angel: Swali ni, utafanya nini (What will you do)?

Ringtone: Mimi siwezi fanya lolote nitaomba na vitu zitafanyika…There will be consequences. (I will pray and a lot of things will happen)!

Angel: Utaomba… (You will pray…)?

Ringtone: Haina shida, mi maombi yangu inafanyika. Mi naombanga mpaka nyumba inachomeka… (There’s no problem; my prayers are always answered. I can pray until the house catches fire).

Angel: Isha waifanyika (Has it ever happened)?

Ringtone: Hebu achana na utoto. (Stop being a child)

Angel: Pia we uko na utoto…Uko na ufala sana. Go to hell for all I care. (You are also behaving like a child).

Ringtone: We chokora wajua nikikushika nita kuchapa mimi. I don’t care. (You street urchin, do you know when I get hold of you I’ll cane you)?

Citizen Digital Friday sought Ringtone’s comment on the allegations.

He said: “I have listened to the clip. That is not my voice. She fabricated the audio through a very good scheme that was put in place by my enemies. Somebody must be using a lot of money. They are intelligent people who know how to cook propaganda to tarnish my image.”

“That is a false witness they procured. They asked her to lie about me so that they pay her.”

The infuriated singer whose tone rose by the second added, Angel’s claims were malicious and impractical.

“When she was asked how many days her pregnancy was, she said four. Have you heard of a woman who throws tantrum at four days of pregnancy? That is history. I have never heard of something like that!”

But has he ever met with Angel? He said: “Angel is a fan whom I met once. I cannot even remember the date. I am an artiste loved by many people. She was just one of them (fans).”

“I don’t want to get distracted. I am focused and fighting for the rights of musicians. They want to silence me,” Ringtone quipped.

And who could these enemies who want to kill Ringone’s vibe be? By use of innuendo, Ringtone said it is the officials at the top cadre of MCSK.

He also denied allegations that he has been sued by MCSK CEO,Maurice Okoth, for defamation.

Was Ringtone sued for defamation?

“I have not been sued. My lawyers have been waiting to see the suit. The letter he says he wrote, he (Mr Okoth) sent to media houses and not a single copy was sent to me. If he had done so, I would have already responded.”

He maintains Mr Okoth was arrested and is set to be arraigned in court for fraud.

“I am speaking about things which happened at MCSK, and it is true Maurice Okoth was arrested and he is being investigated by the CID and it is on record.”

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