Ringtone: Forget Zari, Diamond Platnumz reunion!


Kenyan gospel singer Ringtone has urged Zari Hassan not to get back together with Diamond Platnumz.

Taking to his Instagram page, Ringtone said: “Zari, do not read the same chapter of a book repeatedly. You left Egypt for Canaan; don’t go back. At the moment, I believe that you won’t get back together with Diamond.

“My advice to you, now, is seek God. Fast and pray so that He can give you direction in life,” said the “Tenda Wema” hit-maker.

Ringtone’s statement comes hot on the heels of rumours of a possible reunion between Diamond and Zari after the Ugandan featured as a video vixen in Diamond’s new song “Iyena”.

Meanwhile, Tanzanian media report that the family of Diamond Platnumz wants him to marry Zari Hassan; and not his other baby mama, Hamisa Mobetto, a source close to Diamond’s kinsmen revealed.

The insider said Diamond’s family is too committed to seeing their son reunite with the Ugandan businesswoman to the extent they have asked the singer’s manager, Babu Tale, to convince Zari into going back to Diamond.

Babu Tale, who Tanzanian media claim Zari respects a lot, is reportedly in South Africa on that mission.

“We are 90 per cent confident that Babu Tale’s mission in South Africa will be successful. Zari will come back to Madale (Diamond’s home in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania),” the insider told Tanzania’s Ijumaa newspaper.

The source said Diamond’s entire family approves of Zari as the singer’s partner – and not Hamisa Mobetto; or any other woman.

“Diamond’s mum communicates with Zari daily. Zari, on the other hand, sends her pictures of Prince Nillan and Latiffah Dangote, every time. Diamond’s mum is keeping Zari so close that the singer, who often gripes about her mother’s closeness to Zari, has nothing to say,” added the informant.

This came after Zari featured as a video vixen in Diamond’s new song called “Iyena”, which Zari plays the role of the singer’s bride. The source says all members of Diamond’s family think they look good together – according to scenes in the music video.

“After ‘Iyena’ pictures and video, everybody thinks Zari is the perfect fit for Diamond. Diamond’s mum, his sister Esma Platnumz, all of us are waiting to hear the good news – that she will get back together with Diamond. We believe Babu Tale’s mission will be successful,” said the source.

When reached for comment, Diamond’s mum, Sanura Kassim ‘Bi Sandra’, confirmed that they are vouching for Zari as Diamond’s wife-to-be.

“All I know is that Zari is my son’s bonafide partner. She knows how to make a man feel needed. She also knows how to ensure cleanliness is maintained in the house. She also knows how to treat my grandchildren – Prince Nillan and Latiffah Dangote,” said Ms Kassim.

Diamond’s sister, Esma Platnumz, reiterated Ms Kassim’s sentiments.

“Zari, as a woman, is unmatched. She knows how to keep the house sparkling clean. We’ve also realised how important she is in Diamond’s life. We just want her to return to Madale; we are waiting to welcome her,” said Esma.

Babu Tale confirmed that he was in South Africa, among other reasons, to try and convince Zari into getting back together with Diamond.

“Reuniting Zari with Diamond is such a small task. And since the couple’s fans are blaming me for not having done something to ensure their unity, I am willing to rectify issues. I believe the pair will get back together,” said Babu Tale.

Even as all pointers indicate that Zari is the preferred partner for Diamond, Hamisa believes she is the best fit for the singer, though she recognizes that all odds are against her.

Diamond’s family members accuse Ms Mobetto of untidiness.

Taking to Diamond’s social media page, Ms Mobetto urged the “Sikomi” star to go ahead and marry Zari Hassan, as his family wishes.

“(Diamond), you should marry a woman who your family, manager and fans approve of. I haven’t tied your leg using a rope. Every day, I am being verbally attacked. Sometimes I keep quiet because I wouldn’t want my son to read all these [negative statements] when he grows up. Your (Diamond’s) siblings, however, wouldn’t let me breathe. Talk to your family; I believe you are man enough to rein in on them. And remember to remind them that you need a wife, and not a house girl,” said Mobetto.

All these continue to play in public domain, even as Zari maintains she won’t get back together with Diamond Platnumz.

The two went separate ways on February 14, 2018 with Zari accusing Diamond of unfaithfulness and disrespect.

Singer Ringtone would, thereafter, reveal he wanted to fit into Diamond’s shoe, though Zari rejected his advances.


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