REVEALED: Kim Kardashian West thieves ‘weren’t there for jewels’

The concierge who was held at gunpoint with Kim Kardashian West has revealed more details about the robbery.

The hotel employee who goes by Abdulrahman sat down with “Entertainment Tonight” to share details about the daring heist on October 3 in Paris. A group of men surprised him and the reality star, making off with millions of dollars’ worth of jewelry from Kardashian West.
“They weren’t there for jewels at first; they were there for money,” Abdulrahman told the show.
Kardashian West was bound on that terrifying night and has since greatly reduced her social media presence and public outings.
There had been speculation that a 20-carat diamond ring she showed off on her social media accounts had prompted the heist.
But Abdulrahman said that for the robber communicating with them it “was just a ring I think. He didn’t stop asking for money.”
“(The robber) … doesn’t understand English, and also she didn’t understand French, and the guy was asking for money, money, money,” he said. “She believed that they were there for her ring. She showed her hand … there is no ring, and the guy is like, ‘Where is the ring?’ At the moment she gave him her ring — it was on a table close to the floor — she gave her ring to the guy … and he put it in his pocket.”
Pocketing the massive diamond didn’t stop the thief from demanding money.
“He put the jewels in his (backpack) and he left the bag open, that is why he lost some jewels and the gold in the hotel,” Abdulrahman said.
Police continue to investigate, but there have been no arrests.

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