Revealed: Four reasons why Akothee is not ageing

Top Kenyan artiste Esther Akoth, better known as Akothee, is a proud mother of five, but looking at her it would be hard to believe that she has brought five children into this world – thanks to her excellently toned body.

Akothee who celebrated her “early 30s” birthday – as she calls it – on Saturday, April 9 in Shanzu, Mombasa says there is little secret to her beauty, a secret she told eDaily.

“I feel like I am 12. I am just a happy soul, and I take good care of myself. I don’t drink like a frog; alcohol was not meant for me. I take a lot of water. I wish I had time to exercise. Nonetheless, I work very hard,” Akothee said.

Women have often asked the Give It To Me star to share beauty tips – and in compliance with their request, Akothee has composed a song to comprehensively offer nuggets of advice.

“My next song is about my skin tone; I am dropping it in two months,” she told eDaily.

Akothee, however, says she would appreciate being recognised more for her contribution to society, instead of her striking looks.

“I am sponsoring quite a number of orphans who are currently in universities and other institutions of primary and secondary education. I don’t need to say all that – mkono wa kulia ukitoa, wa kushoto haufai kujua.”

In yet another move, the Afro-pop singer has signed a new artiste in the Akothee Empire stable, and says she is open to signing more singers.

“I have signed a new artiste called Zigi on my label, Akothee Empire. I am trying to see if I can give a helping hand; and I am ready to welcome any artiste who wishes to work with me.”

Akothee held a mega bash that was well-attended by fans and top showbiz personalities at the New Volume Lounge in Shanzu, Mombasa on Saturday, April 9.

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